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Located at 100 Chloe Place in Hannibal, Missouri, Chloe Place is a new apartment complex that provides all of the expected conveniences for comfortable day to day living. The 25 total units range from 1 to 3 bedrooms, with 12 units offering additional accessibility for those with disabilities.

Chloe Place

Apartment Features

Chloe Place Apartments were designed to be both functional and welcoming.
A spacious living room is the focal point that connects all rooms.

Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place

Floor Plans

Chloe Place
Chloe Place
Chloe Place

Current Unit Availability

Bedroom Size Units Available
1 Bedroom 0
2 Bedroom 1
3 Bedroom 0

Details and Eligibility

Chloe Place Apartment units are reserved for families with income that is 60% of Median Income or Lower. The income limits are subject to change by regulators.

Household Size Max Household Income
1 Persons$23,100.00/year
2 Persons$26,400.00/year
3 Persons$29,700.00/year
4 Persons$32,940.00/year
5 Persons$35,580.00/year
6 Persons$38,220.00/year

Apartment Size Minimum Household Income
1 Bedroom [Tax Credit]$15,800.00/year
1 Bedroom$14,760.00/year
2 Bedroom$19,000.00/year
3 Bedroom$23,200.00/year

Apartment Size Monthly Rent
1 Bedroom [Tax Credit]$395.00/month
1 Bedroom$369.00/month
2 Bedroom$475.00/month
3 Bedroom$580.00/month

Tenants are required to pay for electric utility, phone and cable television. Chloe Place Apartments will provide water, sewer and trash services.

If a household already occupying an income-restricted unit experiences a change of income so as to no longer qualify for the unit, the household may remain in the rental unit.

Sole Residence

The unit must be the applicant's sole residence in order for the applicant to be eligible for housing.

Occupancy Standards

The unit applied for must have enough space to accommodate the applicant's household. Determination of the rental unit size is made in accordance with the following table:

Bedroom Size Min/Max # of People
1 Bedroom1-2 Persons
2 Bedroom2-4 Persons
3 Bedroom3-6 Persons


Contact Us

Ben Klein, Property Manager
Phone: 660-342-2201
Fax: 573-248-3080
TTY Phone: 573-719-3271
Hours: Mon- Fri, 7am-4pm

1 units currently available


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